Shopping at Spiegel and Son Jewelers is a different experience than going to a large, chain jewelry store. We are a family-owned business and committed to providing a personalized experience. With more than 60 years in the business serving Cleveland customers, we've built a strong reputation for providing exceptional customer service. We pride ourselves on being honest, transparent and sincere. And, it's our goal to educate every customer who walks through our door so they can make informed decisions. By staying true to our values, we continue to build lasting relationships with our customers.

In addition to specializing in unique, custom-designed pieces, we carry many lines of fine jewelry, including: Elma Gil, Epoque, Gregorio Fine Jewelry, Timeless Designs, Tom Kruskal, Designs by Vatche, Sara Blaine, Majestic, KC Designs, Benchmark and Zina. We stock diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets and a wide selection of pearl and colored stone jewelry. Other services we offer include: jewelry repair, jewelry appraisals, and pearl stringing.

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Nothing makes a bold statement like a striking piece of custom made jewelry.

It is important to consistently check the prongs on your diamond engagement ring.

You don't have to spend 5 million dollars on an 18 carat diamond to get a beautiful engagement ring at Spiegel and Son.

Gregorio Jewelry 01.20.15
Nice guys do not always finish last. Greg Gregorio, owner of Gregorio Jewelry is a perfect example of a nice guy who has made it to the top.

It is so hard to believe the holiday season is here, I still don't know where the year has gone.