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Erik and Michaela
The engagement process can be quite daunting and the anxiety surrounding finding that perfect ring is evermore stressful. Until that "something remarkable" happens! One of my close friends mentioned a wonderful man on the eastside that also happened to be a jeweler. Perfect news! I immediately visited Spiegel & Son and met that wonderful man, Stuart. Without knowing exactly what I wanted at first, Stuart was able to help mold my decision and guide me through the whole process. As I am incredibly  picky and knowing the "girl of my dreams" was even more particular, Stuart was incredibly patient and insightful and helped me find the absolute gorgeous, most perfect engagement ring. A few months later, we went back and found matching wedding bands. My wife now refers to Stuart as a member of the family and the only jeweler we'll ever work with again. Thank you, Stuart for everything. - Erik and Michaela -
Ellen and John
Over a decade ago we had the good fortune of being introduced to Spiegel and Son Jewelers. Stuart and his father worked with us as we drew design sketches of the engagement ring that we envisioned. The Spiegels worked with us every step of the way and made a stunning ring that we love and receive compliments on to this day. Based on that initial experience over a decade ago, Stuart has been our only jeweler. Once one does their homework, it is obvious that the cornerstones of Spiegel and Son are quality, extraordinary service and fair pricing. - Ellen and John -
Matt and Stefanie
Truth be told, I was incredibly excited to experience the entire engagement process, except for finding a ring. To say I knew nothing about the ring process would have been an understatement. The only thing I did know is that I needed to work with someone who was patient, honest, and extremely knowledgeable. Stuart was all of those things and than some. Together we designed a beautiful ring that my wife continues to get compliments about! What I appreciated most about my experience was that I never for a minute got the "car salesman" treatment. There was never any pressure to buy and I always knew where things stood. He fully gained my trust. I enjoyed the process so much that when it came time to get a wedding gift for my future wife, I immediately called Stuart. It took him all of 3 minutes before he recommended the perfect bracelet. After meeting my wife only a couple times, he knows her taste better than I ever will! I will always know who to call when I am looking for jewelry and I will never go anywhere else. - Matt and Stefanie -
Clare and Steve
A close colleague had an exceptional experience with Spiegel and Son when she had several heirloom gemstones reset.So, she recommended Spiegel and Son when we were looking to purchase our wedding rings.  The showroom had a wide range of ring options for my husband to choose from; however, he wanted a special satin finish on his titanium ring, which Stuart successfully negotiated with the company.  Since we were still undecided about the design features for my ring, Stuart spent close to two hours with us to help identify the style we wanted.  Then, Stuart had a wax casting made to ensure it was exactly as we envisioned. The final product met all of our expectations and more! Throughout the entire process of selecting and purchasing our rings, Stuart was patient and generous with his time.  He had extensive knowledge about diamonds and precious metal options.  He conducted himself with honesty and integrity. We could not have been more satisfied with the entire experience.  I would not go to any other jeweler in Cleveland and will continue to recommend Spiegel and Son to friends and family. - Clare and Steve -
Aaron and Leah
The experience we had at Spiegel and Son Jewelers was remarkable. Spiegel and Son had a great selection of designer jewelry, as well as the ability to custom make an engagement ring that was exquisite and unique. The customer service was exceptional. Stuart was very courteous and helpful. We felt like we were important every time we walked in. It was so far above and beyond what we have experienced at any mall or retail chain. Flexible payment options were also a great help. It was worth driving from the west side. We very much recommend Spiegel and Son Jewelers to anyone in need of exceptional jewelry. - Aaron and Leah -
Dan and Lauren
Before I even met my wife, I knew I was going to buy an engagement ring from Spiegel and Son. This wasn't due to to any extensive advertising campaign; it was because my father had bought jewelry from them for years and told me it was hands down the best experience anyone could ask for. After eventually getting the engagement ring and both wedding bands from Spiegel and Son, I couldn't agree more. From the very first time we met, Stuart has been respectful, considerate, honest, patient, and of course incredibly knowledgeable about what he sells. In a time where it seems everything is mass produced for the cheapest amount possible, it is refreshing to know you're getting a quality product at a good price with a personal touch. I can't thank them enough! - Dan and Lauren -
Jim and Melissa
We were originally referred to Spiegel and Son by an Aunt and a co-worker. We later found out that our parents were customers as well! Over the past ten years, we have made many purchases from Spiegel and Son and have been completely satisfied!  Spiegel and Son offers an incredible jewelry selection with EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY. However, the most comforting part of working of Spiegel and Son is Mr. Spiegel himself. Stuart provides honest and sincere professional expertise and is a pleasure to work with. We would not considering going anywhere else! - Jim and Melissa -
Jenny and Mark
Purchasing wedding rings should be a memorable event done with personal care, service and trust. That is exactly what my husband, Mark, and I received at Spiegel and Son Jewelers. Stu worked with us to find the perfect accompaniment to my gorgeous engagement ring. Stu patiently guided us through choosing our wedding rings giving us many beautiful options to choose from. A diamond is a diamond, every jewelry store has them - what sets Spiegel and Son Jewelers apart from the rest is the sincerity with which Stu does business. We weren't just another couple needing wedding rings to Stu; he treated us with respect and truly found the perfect fit for us. Spiegel and Son Jewelers is absolutely the jeweler to go to for an honest, unique and personal shopping experience. - Jenny and Mark -
Ron and Cindy
When an occasion in our lives needs a quality symbol of love and endurance, I turn to Spiegel and Son. I have very defined ideas about what I want to say with jewelry. Choosing the right piece is a well thought out process for me since I believe it will represent a message to last a lifetime. Never was this more evident than when Stuart helped me create an engagement ring for my wife, He explained color, cut, and clarity. He got stones for me to choose from with absolutely no pressure to act before I was ready to make a final decision. He made the perfect ring for my wife and also advised us on our wedding bands. We're both very grateful to Stuart for helping us make what still feels like the best choice of rings to fit us. They are a part of our story. Years later, Stuart is still a trusted source when I need jewelry guidance. He's make great Valentine's Day suggestions that never fall short. And most recently, he worked what seemed a miraculous rebirth for me and my wife.  All of her jewelry was stolen in a robbery last year, including the irreplaceable keepsakes from her grandmother. As heartbreaking as that was, she still had her Grandmother's wedding band. One day, she noticed a diamond in the band was missing. As her 50th birthday approached, I took the ring to Stuart. He'd been very helpful in providing appraisals for the stolen jewelry, so he was aware of the situation. He rebuilt the setting on the wedding band, finding he perfect replacement for the missing diamond. My wife's 50th birthday present was from her beloved grandmother, me, and from Stuart, who shined and crafted the precious keepsake to it's former glory. I am so grateful to Stuart Spiegel for helping me with some of the most important events in my life. Whenever I'm in need of jewelry in the future, I'll be back to confer with the man who treats me like family. - Ron and Cindy -
Monica and Jason
We would like to express our most sincere appreciation to Spiegel and Son. My husband and I looked extensively for a beautiful yet unique engagement ring all over town for months. Stuart not only had the most gorgeous and best quality rings but he stands out amongst the other jewelers because of his unsurpassed service, honesty, and kindness. Stuart spent an extensive amount of time to make sure we got exactly what we wanted and kept us within our budget. He made our most important jewelry purchase an experience to remember. If you are looking for exceptional, stunning and the utmost quality of jewelry then we highly recommend Spiegel and Son. He took care of us as if we were a part of his family. The whole process was such a wonderful experience that we will be loyal lifetime customers. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Spiegel and Son!!! - Monica and Jason -
Sal and Jill
If you are in the market for an engagement ring, I strongly recommend that you go see Stuart Spiegel at Spiegel and Son Jewelers. For generations my family has trusted Spiegel and Son for our engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry needs. Stuart is very knowledgeable, personable, and professional. Stuart took the time to really learn about us and what I was looking for in an engagement ring. Stuart guided and informed me about the different diamonds and metals during the process. We look forward to working with Stuart in the future. - Sal and Jill -
Steve and Amanda
Proposing to my wife was the best decision I've ever made, so I knew something was wrong when the big fancy jewelry showroom was making me so uncomfortable. Not only did they seem to have a “minimum” price range, but when I asked about Canadian diamonds, they looked at me like I was from another planet. Luckily, I found Spiegel and Son. A few minutes talking to Stuart and I knew he was someone I wanted to do business with. Not only did he have the exact same setting I had picked out at the big high pressure showroom, he had it at a better price. He understood that the origin of the diamond I gave to my wife was important to me, he understood why it was important, and most importantly he understood what my budget was and could work within it. In minutes he'd located a likely Canadian stone, within a few days it was in his showroom for my approval, and it was set and the engagement ring was ready to pick up even before he'd promised. I was so happy with the service and value at Spiegel and Son, I brought my fiancee there a few months later when I bought her wedding band, and Stuart helped her find me a handsome wedding band that was well within her budget. The next year I was back to buy some custom jewelry for my wife, and I know I will be back again. I would recommend anyone shopping for engagement rings, or any other fine jewelry, to start with Spiegel and Son. - Steve and Amanda -
Mickey and Jennifer
About two years ago, I was ready to take the next step with my beautiful girlfriend. My parents immediately said I should talk with Stuart from Spiegel and Son, to look at engagement rings. I went to Stuart with a budget and only a vague idea of what my girlfriend wanted.  Stuart was able to help me find a ring that was worthy of my bride-to-be. He also took the time to explain everything I needed to know about diamonds. She absolutely loved it and since then my wife and I only deal with Spiegel and Son for jewelry purchases. There is no pressure when going to Spiegel and Son to buy anything. The only concern is to make their clients happy. - Mickey and Jennifer -
Sam and Andrea
I met Stu when I was a freshman in college at The Ohio Ohio State University over 24 years ago. I lost touch with Stu after college. We went our separate ways. Stu went into the family business and I became a police officer. I was talking to a friend at work one day about being in the market for wedding rings. As luck would have it, my friend mentioned a jeweler named Stu who his family has used for many years. I called Stu and told him I was getting married and had an idea for a wedding ring for my fiance. I wanted a 1 Ct. emerald cut with a platinum Tiffany setting. Stu invited me to his store in Beachwood the following week and showed me three fabulous loose stones within my price range. After picking one of these stones, my wife and I returned a week later to see the finished product. It brought tears to my wife's eyes. What more can I say. He knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen. He made us very happy and put us at ease with the process. If you don't know much about jewelry which I don't, you have to look at the man behind the jewelry. That has to be your starting point when you shop for something as important as a wedding ring. Stu is as honest, soft spoken, and as genuine as I remembered him. I have never met anyone with more integrity. Like me, Stu loves what he does for a living and it shows. I have purchased jewelry over the years from other places but will never go anywhere but to Stu in the future. - Sam and Andrea -
Chuck and Angela
My wife and I were lost at the start of our engagement ring shopping. We went to a regional “chain” jewelry store to purchase our engagement ring. They were nice, but did not do much to help us select something. It was just an attitude of “This is what we have in stock, what size ring does your fiancé wear?” Regardless, we purchased a ring from the chain. Within four weeks, we had numerous issues with the ring. We spent four months trying to correct the issues and get our money back. At the end of the process, we still had no ring. Being dejected, my fiancé set out to find a designer ring that would maybe lead us to a decent jeweler. Through our search, Spiegel and Son came up as a distributor for Vache rings. We made an appointment and went downtown (old location) to meet Stuart. When we arrived, he asked us to wait so he could finish with the couple he was working with. I was immediately impressed because, based on prior experience, no one had ever taken their time to be thorough with us. When Stuart was ready, he absolutely put us at ease. He detailed the in’s and out’s of diamonds and how to pick a diamond with a ring. Then we discussed the diamond itself and what the color, cut, and clarity scales meant. Stuart was very particular to our needs and made sure that my wife got a ring that would be desirable based on her preferences. The material of the ring was not an issue, the diamond was exactly what we picked out, and the ring was gorgeous. Comparing the two experiences was like night and day. Stuart even called to check on us after we were done with the process. What can you say about that kind of attention to detail and service? We are several years down the road from that process and are still amazed by Stuart’s personal attention. I have since gone back to him on several occasions and he has always been able to help. Matter of fact, I refuse to go anywhere else, and tell everyone that asks about Stuart’s store. You simply won’t find a more genuine, kinder, intelligent, or thoughtful person to help you with jewelry. - Chuck and Angela -
Susie and Larry
We were referred to Stuart by a family member. When we first met Stuart he put us at ease with the process of choosing a diamond and an engagement ring. We were looking for a specific setting that we were unable to find anywhere else. He had a wide variety of choices and he helped us to find the perfect ring in the Vache collection. We also purchased our wedding bands from Stuart. He had them engraved at our request and we're extremely happy with our rings. We continue to use Stuart and we would highly recommend him. - Susie and Larry -
Craig and Kim
Shopping for a ring with Stuart Spiegel was an extraordinary experience and the service was second to none. Not only was the process easy and convenient, we received an in-depth education along the way. We always felt comfortable dealing with Stuart and he accommodated every one of our requests. While looking for engagement and wedding rings, we not only found an honest jeweler, but a genuine friend. This was the first, last and only place we will visit for any special occasion. Thank you for everything! - Craig and Kim -
David and Amy
A few years back I was in the beginning stages of engagement ring shopping and stumbled upon the name Spiegel and Son jewelers. At the time Stuart and his Dad were set up in a small shop on E. 9th. I went there for a visit and immediately felt a sense of friendship and care. Purchasing an engagement ring is obviously a big commitment and Stuart made this experience fun and educational...all while giving me a sense of complete trust in his knowledge and profession. The quality of the engagement ring, as well as the many other items I've purchased from Stuart over the years, have been nothing short of phenomenal. The care, thought and amazing customer service Stuart continually brings to the table has left me with a jeweler for life. - David and Amy -
Troy and Kristen
Wow. What quality. What service. What a selection. I didn't know much about jewelry until I came to Stuart. Quality, cut, clarity, and price were all laid out for me. Thanks for all your help! - Troy and Kristen -