Monday, June 17, 2013


I am not a gambler, but when I was in Las Vegas this month at the JCK Jewelry Show, I placed a bet on Tara Pearls. Although Spiegel and Son has always sold pearl jewelry, never have we had such a breathtaking collection of nature's most beautiful gift.

Tara hand selects the most perfect cultured pearls from some of the worlds most exotic destinations, including Tahiti, Australia, and Japan. From dark dramatic Tahitians, to silver – white South Sea Pearls, Tara has a lustrous, shimmering pearl for you. We will be featuring Tara's Dancing Diamond and Oscar Collections. Both collections contain pearls that are cleverly wrapped with dazzling diamonds.

Tara Pearls will make their debut at Spiegel and Son in a few short weeks. Please stop in and see what the excitement is all about.Tara Pearls earrings