About Us


The story of Spiegel and Son Jewelers began in 1947 when my late father, Martin Spiegel, a World War II refugee, immigrated to America from his native Czechoslovakia. In 1950 he opened a small jewelry shop in downtown Cleveland.

My father was talented, hard-working, and honest to a fault. He ran the business as a repair shop working primarily for local retail jewelry stores. A gifted goldsmith and accomplished diamond setter, my father quickly earned a sterling reputation as someone who got work done flawlessly, on time, and at a very fair price. He also started a modest, word-of-mouth retail business selling engagement rings, wedding bands, and other diamond and colored gem jewelry to the public. My father's retail clients enjoyed his European craftsmanship and honesty. They also appreciated his friendly, easy- going demeanor, which never pressured anyone into a purchase.

In 1993, shortly after graduating from The Ohio State University, I joined my father in business. Although time has marched on, and both the jewelry business and the world's business changing radically, our recipe for success has remained the same: exceptional jewelry, complete honesty, superior value.

As we look to the future our excitement is building. Launching a brand new Web site, opening a new showroom in Beachwood, and offering new lines of gorgeous jewelry are just some of our new and exciting endeavors. But as much as things change, our practices of integrity, ethics, personalized service, and treating every customer like a member of our family, will continue to stay the same.

Our Core Values

To provide the absolute finest jewelry experience through elite and enthusiastic client service.

Customer Pledge

Our customer pledge for jewelry purchased at Spiegel and Son:

  • We'll call you once a week with status updates on long-term projects
  • We'll provide you with after-hours contact information so you can reach us anytime with questions or concerns
  • We'll meet with you at your convenience, after-hours and weekend times if needed
  • We'll provide you with free updated appraisals every two years
  • We'll clean and polish your jewelry for free
  • We offer free prong checks to help you feel confident that your jewelry is secure


Mission Statement

  • To treat our clients like friends, building long-term relationships
  • To crease an enjoyable, low-pressure shopping experience
  • To be completely honest and transparent in all situations
  • To fully educate and advise customers
  • To only sell jewelry that we would purchase
  • To provide superior customer service