July 2015

Thursday, July 09, 2015

E2868As a general rule, men hate shopping. If you give a man the choice of going to the mall or watching the football game with a beverage of his choice, he is going to pick the game every time. Possibly the biggest reason men hate shopping for the woman in their life is that they never know what to get. Men also get discouraged after consistently purchasing the wrong brand of perfume or the blouse that just doesn't fit properly. Gift Cards are great, but they are no fun.

My cure to this age old problem is for women to come to Spiegel and Son and pick out a piece of beautiful jewelry that they would like their man to buy for them. I will carefully take notes on the item of your choice, making sure I know the proper ring size or length of chain. I can then email a picture of the item to your husband or boyfriend. In a gentle way I will explain to him that you were in my office and just happened to fall in love with this diamond ring, tennis bracelet, diamond stud earrings, or pearl necklace. They will be invited to stop in and view your selection, so they can possibly purchase it for your upcoming birthday, anniversary, or Christmas.

Men absolutely love it when I reach out to them. It saves them the agony of shopping, and they are getting you the perfect gift! Finally, a gift that you will love and enjoy, a gift you will not have to return or exchange. This is a true win-win. You get a beautiful piece of jewelry that you desire, your man is a hero for getting it for you. Please stop by Spiegel and Son where we specialize in making couples happy.