November 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

three diamond ringIt is so hard to believe the holiday season is here, I still don't know where the year has gone. I recently read a book by a psychiatrist who spoke about how the genius of science and technology over the last 100 years has improved our lives in countless ways. However, with all these amazing improvements people are still not happier.

Technology is great, the ability to do things faster and easier is fantastic. I understand why some people desire tablets, laptops, and smart phones for the holidays. But in my opinion the ultimate gift of love, and the superior holiday gift is beautiful fine jewelry. The brilliance of a diamond, the vivid intensity of a rich blue sapphire or red ruby sends a powerful message to your loved one. A quality piece of jewelry is enduring, just like your love. And unlike the latest computer it can be worn, cherished, an appreciated for may years.

Please stop by Spiegel and Son for that special gift for the special person in your life. My showcases are filled with treasures for any style or budget. I look forward to seeing you and giving you the service you have come to expect from Spiegel and Son.