March 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In our hyper-competitive, inter-connected world being average is just not good enough. I recently read the book, "That Used To Be Us" by Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum. The authors state that to be successful everyone must develop their own "extra". To make sure our jobs or businesses are not outsourced, automated, or commoditized we must invent a new product, reinvent an old product, or do routine tasks in a new and better way.

At Spiegel and Son I take pride in offering stellar service. I realize that in 2014 you have endless options for purchasing jewelry. Today you can buy a diamond at the mall, online, or at Walmart. Some of these competitor's merchandise is of decent quality and is priced well. So why should you come to Spiegel? Service.

If the jewelry bought online or at the big box store needs to be repaired or adjusted, good luck getting it done. Even if they do agree to service your jewelry, will the work be done properly with your best interests in mind, or will it be done the cheapest and easiest way? Will these high volume retailers make the effort to get to know you as an individual who has a distinct style with various likes and dislikes? Will they take the time to explain to you the procedure used to repair your jewelry, or why a certain earring or pendant looks good on someone with your complexion or body type?

The caliber of service I give is my "extra". I treat everyone in my office with respect, like a friend. I return phone calls, stay after hours, and do everything possible to make your jewelry experience informative and enjoyable. Please stop in and experience for yourself what Spiegel and Son is all about.

blue sapphire and diamond ring

blue sapphire and diamond ring