May 2012

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Recently the New York Post wrote an article about hawkers who accost people walking on 47th Street, or the diamond district, in New York City, trying to get them to buy jewelry. The hawkers, or human spam, stand in front of their stores and aggressively try to pull people off the street into their stores. Some hawkers wander out in the street and even stop traffic.

At Spiegel and Son we do not believe in the hawking method of salesmanship. We will never drag unsuspecting people off the street into our office, and we will never pressure you into making a purchase you are not 100% happy about. Many jewlry stores feature high pressure commissioned salespeople. It is questionable whether these individuals have their customers best interests in mind.

We believe in relationships at Spiegel and Son. Our goal is to find or create a beautiful piece of jewelry that you or your loved one will cherish and enjoy for a long time. We are confident that if we do this you will continue to trust us with your jewelry needs and will refer your friends and family to us. This is a very old fashioned formula, but it has served us well for over 60 years. And best of all, we do not have to rely on human spam!